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"The reason of any law is,
that no man's will should be a law”

George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax (1633-1695)
English statesman, writer, and politician

Welcome to our website!

ZASCHITA VASHIH PRAV has been established in 2000 in Kiev, Ukraine, and has proven itself as a reliable business partner.

Our experts are well acquainted with all aspects of doing business. Our team of lawyers and accountants monitor and investigate all changes in legal regulations, which combined with profound knowledge of legislative practice, allows making the only correct decision.

Cooperation with a strong team of highly qualified lawyers and accountants provides our clients with full-scale assistance, needed to fulfill their business ideas and protect their rights.

Our company exercises multiple approaches to solve various issues, depending on the specifics of each problem. Our team performs an in-depth analysis of all the information, provided by the client. Thus we are able to strategically evaluate all possible outcomes, whether positive, or negative. This in turn allows us to guide our client, using the most efficient means to reach the most beneficial result.

When working with our partners, ZASCHITA VASHIH PRAV strives to reach the best result with an integrated approach, designed to solve any emerging issue.

Besides legal aid, our company also provides notary, appraising, as well as translational services (English, German, French, etc.)

We value and understand the needs of all our partners, keeping in mind their field and nature of business. Our company developed a personal approach, based on experience and professionalism of our team.

Our field of expertise includes:

Legal representation in Ukrainian courts of Kiev

ZASCHITA VASHIH PRAV helps its clients save time. The company provides legal representation in court on different types of cases. Our line of work includes property, as well as non-property related cases including tax, obligation default, corporate, and labor disputes. Besides the court, we also provide legal representation in other government bodies and institutions.

Registration, certification, and licensing

Our experts will provide assistance with registering individual-entrepreneurs or any type of legal entities, elaborating all necessary documentation, establishing an affiliated branch or a rep office of a legal entity, registering changes to constitutive documents, obtaining business permits and licenses, certifying goods and services.

Offshores and opening bank accounts abroad

An offshore is a company that does business outside of its home country and owned by non-residents of that country. Our strong ties with registered agents from many offshore low-tax jurisdictions allow us to register offshore companies within the tightest timeframes at competitive prices. Besides we help those, who want to open bank accounts in Swiss, Cyprian, Baltic, and other European banks. You can find general information on offshore jurisdictions and opening bank accounts in Offshores and opening bank accounts section.

Apostille and legalization of documents in Ukraine

We provide our clients with Apostille/consular certification of non-commercial documents (birth and marriage/divorce certificates, diplomas, criminal record checks, etc.), as well as commercial documents (articles of incorporation, registration certificates, certificates from tax agency to avoid double taxation, etc.) in such institutions, as the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Services for foreign nationals and non-resident legal entities in Ukraine (Kiev)

Having vast experience collaborating with foreign companies and persons, we are ready to offer the following services: company registration, tax reference number obtainment, work permit obtainment, criminal record check.

Business liquidation

It is a complex and time-consuming procedure that requires special knowledge and experience therefore business liquidation should only be trusted to professionals. ZASCHITA VASHIH PRAV has sufficient experience in this field and can offer the best solutions, keeping in mind all peculiarities of each situation.

Accounting services in Ukraine (Kiev)

We offer a full range of accounting services for businesses irrespective of their type of ownership or tax system. These services include, but are not limited to tax reports, pension fund reports, statistical office reports, business and entrepreneurial consulting, and legal support during audits. ZASCHITA VASHIH PRAV offers permanent, as well as one-time accounting services.

We work with our partners as one team and will be happy to work with you!

Юридическая фирма Защита Ваших прав

адрес: улица Краснозаводская, дом 7, офис 35, город Киев, 03062, Украина

телефон: +380 44 222-80-24, e-mail: office@zvp-ua.net, web-site: www.zvp-ua.net